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"An investment that will pay you back over             

                 the course of your entire life"            

         Kovod and Emet  (honor and truth)


Catherine Holloway loves that quote and uses her expertise as a consultant, trainer and certified teacher to business professionals, higher education, secondary education, social and professional adult and youth organizations on how to act accordingly in an array of social situations. A foremost etiquette expert, spokesperson on manners and kindness. Her programs are not a franchise, they are unique and one of a kind. She believes good manners create opportunity of fostering diplomacy, civility and professionalism. She lives and stand by the rules of etiquette as she marches towards her 29th year in business. Comfortable teaching in urban, rural, corporate, educational settings. Holloway holds a Bachelor's Degree in Public Administration from Franklin University, attended The Ohio State University, the Etiquette Institute (St. Louis MO).  Additionally, Catherine is a nationally trained anti-bias Stop the Hate/A World of Difference and Words into Action Facilitator .  Catherine is married to James with a step-son in Pittsburgh and a daughter in NYC.  


                    "there is no substitution for kindness"

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